It’s a beautiful day in North Berkeley!  Karl the fog is away and the leaves are starting to show their fall colors.  Plus, it’s Thursday, which means it is Broker Tour day, the day that agents go out and preview all of the new houses that hit the market for the week.  And sometimes we are lucky enough to get to host a tour and show off our latest project, like today.  That’s a triple decker whammy of goodness!  Just look at the yard at our new North Berkeley listing – I can see the colors starting to transform!

Secluded garden with fall colors, outside of 1733 Francisco St., Unit D, Berkeley

At any one of our open houses you will be sure to hear music playing.  We always cater the music to the house.  During a recent open house I was having a hard time feeling out my mood.  Was the house feeling Indie?  Was it feeling instrumental?  A potential buyer came through and saw my angst.  She said “Put on Takuya Kuroda, he’s an amazing Japanese jazz trumpeter.”  So I did.  And I was hooked!  

Back to today.  On this beautiful (almost) Fall day, where the leaves are promising to turn and agents are touring, Takuya was calling.  This home, staged by one of our go-to stagers, Paloma Home, presents a modern vintage vibe.  In the living room there was an epic record player, which is where I put the speaker.  Takuya was playing, and agents actually thought it was the record!  One agent even thought she saw the record player spinning!  And hey – given that there aren’t any shared walls with this unit, we were happy to entertain.

Speaking of modern vintage vibe, I couldn’t resist going modern vintage in the bathroom.  How much do you LOVE this fun wallpaper!  I just knew it would blend with the stagers furniture.  I even scored with my new fav flooring option – vinyl floor tiles – no fuss, no mess, modern look, huge savings.  Another triple whammy!

Bathroom, before

Bathroom, after








Thank you fall, thank you Takuya Kuroda, thank you vintage mod wallpaper, thank you agents.  Today was a good day.

For more information about this fantastic townhouse, click here.  And to see any of these items in person, stop by 1733 Francisco, Unit D, in North Berkeley, this weekend between 2-4pm.