Ladybugs are everywhere!

We have all seen a ladybug here and there, but have you ever seen thousands of ladybugs in one place?  Every winter these “lady beetles” surf on over to the Oakland Hills and drop down at the exact same spot in Redwood Regional Park. They gather to keep warm and perhaps make a “friend” or two.

Where to find the ladybugs at Reinhardt Redwood Park

Start your hike at Skyline Gate Staging Area. Hike down the Stream Trail about 3/4 mile, and start watching for the ladybugs right around the Eucalyptus Trail.  To see more ladybugs, continue on towards the Prince Trail, about 1/2 mile.

Look at the fence posts and the gate. Also watch on the ground for twigs and sticks – the ladybugs will cover them entirely. The ladybug clusters are incredible to see!

The trails are well marked with signage along the way and at trail intersections.

A few items to note: The terrain can be a bit challenging as you drop into the canyon so if you are going with infants, be sure to bring a backpack; school-aged kids should have a good set of hiking legs.  Parking can also be tough so if you arrive late-mornings on weekends, you might be out of luck.

How many of these spotted beauties will you find?
(Ladybug photo by DeAnna Tibbs, an Oakland-based photographer.  View more of her work at www.DeAnnaTibbs.com.)