I Tube.. We Tube.. Googles for YouTube

This just in. Google acquires YouTube.com for $1.65 bil. But I bet you already knew that. Not too shabby for a company that hasn’t even seen a profit!

Now we can call it GooTube.

Well, I posted a “tube” for the first time today. It is a listing I have in Oakland. Check it out.

Kinda fun and quirky.

The crazy thing about this video entertainment portal is that it has forever changed the way people consume media and branding. My husband posted a goofy video he took of birds attacking a squirrel in our front yard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OxpJGB61ro As of today nearly 200 people have viewed it and 2 people have even linked it to their personal websites.

What does this mean for real estate and marketing your house? Well, if you watched my video, you probably have a good sense of what the condo looks like! It shows space, intimacy, texture, and light. It allows me to demonstrate features as well as tell a story. People in another part of the country can click on the link and have a hands on tour. Combine this with CraigsList, and you have captured the local market as though you were a king.

Although YouTube is all the rage, I suspect that before long these clips will be lost in a sea of .wmv files. But for now, it is a superb means for watching bloopers, videos of loved ones, and marketing your home.