Google Announces Big Changes with Commercial Real Estate Advertising

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Google just announced their new release of Business Photos on Google Maps.  It captures the interior of businesses, allowing prospective customers and clients to get a good look inside before seeing it in person. This brand new FREE service is only available in a few select cities currently, which are listed below: Orange County, CA Phoenix, AZ Bay Area, CA [...]

Google just released…

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Google just released their newest jolt: real estate search.  Listings can now be viewed on any Google Map by clicking on the “More” button, a position heretofore reserved for photos, transit information and other overlays.  Read the full post from Google here:

Berkeley Solar Map

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Check out this way cool new tool… “The Solar Map is an interactive tool for viewing information and locations of existing solar installations in Berkeley.   It is a calculator that can be used to determine the potential size and cost for solar electric and hot water systems on any rooftop within the City and allows you to design a solar [...]
24 : What’s Happening in Your ‘Hood?

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An interesting resource that I came across is  EveryBlock filters an assortment of local news by location so you can keep track of what’s happening on your block, in your neighborhood and all over your city.  It lists everything from traffic stops and violations to houses for sale and apartments for rent to building permits and zoning to which restaurants [...]

A call you will have to make

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You have the keys to your new house. The power is turned on, everything is moved in. Still haven’t turned on your phone? Perhaps you shouldn’t… I don’t think it will be long before landlines become a part of the landfills. Today, 14% of American adults are using their cell phone as their primary phone line, no landline required. And [...]

Networking in the Blogosphere- is there any value left?

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Earlier this year I participated in a panel discussion at the California Association of Realtors in downtown LA. The topic? “Social Networking. Is there any value left?” I was humbled to be on the panel with such esteemed members of the real estate community. This title now has me thinking, what exactly is social networking? Social networking for you may [...]