Cocktail Hour

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This has been a busy week for us East Bay Living ladies.  We were fortunate to get two sets of buyers into houses, conducted inspections galore, and worked on prepping two listings, and met a new buyer.  What does a busy realtor and mama do at the end of the week?  Enjoy a delicious cocktail.  The weather is warm, the [...]

Give Back Homes

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Giving back to the community is a HUGE part of the vibe over here at kristaandrosie.flywheelsites.com – it is something we love to do!  A few years ago I heard about this cool little startup called Give Back Homes.  The founder, Blake Andrews, spent a few years working at TOMS (shoes) where he learned the value of giving back: for every [...]

Little Houses For Sale

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My daughter Melia is an amazing architect.  She can build the most amazing structures out of anything.  Any lego, found object, scrap of material, twig or empty cardboard box and she will create an amazing detailed space.  Here are two recent examples that she will add to her portfolio, the first was for her Shopkins and the second for her [...]

Are you prepared for a major power outage?

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Are you prepared for a major power outage? Last week in a little innocent squirrel caused a major power outage in the East Bay that lasted nearly two and a half hours.  Some of you may have been affected by it – Krista on our team was definitely affected by it and while she was a “little” prepared we thought [...]

Perch’d is on Pinterest!

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Perch’d is on Pinterest! Check out some of the fun things we like to do in the Bay Area as well as find out about some of the cool things about your neighborhood! We are busy pinning great things for you to enjoy! Let us know what your favorite pin is!