Networking in the Blogosphere- is there any value left?

Earlier this year I participated in a panel discussion at the California Association of Realtors in downtown LA. The topic? “Social Networking. Is there any value left?” I was humbled to be on the panel with such esteemed members of the real estate community.

This title now has me thinking, what exactly is social networking? Social networking for you may not be what it is for me.

Isn’t it true that most people want to build a community, or if not build one, at least be a part of one? Isn’t this social networking? You go to the local market, see your friendly checker, and while admiring her new haircut, ask where she had it cut. Isn’t this social networking? Or perhaps you log onto your LinkedIn profile, search your contacts to see if they are connected to any financial planners, and then contact them. Isn’t this social networking?

So is there any value left? Heck ya. So long as people have a desire for community, then social networking has value.

Click here to read the full panel discussion: http://www.car.org/index.php?id=Mzg1MjE= or check out the June/July magazine.