Top 10: Real Estate Reading 2007

Give one as a gift or curl up on a couch with one. Here is the San Francisco Chronicle’s top real estate books of the year.

1. “Trump Style Negotiation” by George Ross. This book offers insights into Donald Trump’s big-thinking negotiating style.

2. “Buy Even Lower” by Scott Frank and Andy Heller. Aimed at investors. This book shows how to buy single family houses targeted at below-market prices.

3. “The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner” by David Bach. Shows how home ownership can lead to wealth. If you only read one book on this list, list should be it.

4. “Real Estate Debt Can Make You Rich” by Steve Dexter. For buyers and agents who want to understand the inner-workings of the morgage industry and for investors who need to know how “good debt” can be created to maximize profits.

5. “Bubbles, Booms, and Busts” by Blanche Evans. This book explains the signals of local rising, falling or neutral local home sales markets.

6. “Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies” by Dirk Zeller. Explains the ins and outs of selling real estate.

7. “Who Says You Can’t Buy a Home?” by David Reed. Explains how mortgage lenders look at borrowers in this tell all book.

8. “Everything to Know Before Buying a Co-Op, Condo, or Townhouse” by Ken Roth. The author shares personal experiences and explains pros and cons of this type of ownership.

9. “Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur” by James A. Randel. This book explains how to add value to real estate.

10. “The Reverse Mortgage Advantage” by Warren Boroson. Explains all aspects of senior-citizen reverse mortgages and emphasizes on the potential pitfalls as well as the benefits.


1. “Trump: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received” by Donald J. Trump
2. “Find It, Fix It, Flip It!” by Michael Corbett
3. “Landlording on Auto-Pilot” by Mike Butler
4. “Two years to a Million In Real Estate” by Matthew A. Martinez
5. “Home Buying for Dummies, Third Edition” by Eric Tyson and Ray Brown