Foreclosure, any options?

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The big “F” word, foreclosure. This word is becoming a part of many consumer’s realities. But for many homeowners, they just don’t understand what it really means. And most are generally unaware that they have options. Check this out: Foreclosure and Default Data, Alameda County: January 2007-August 2007 Alameda: 16 foreclosures, 57 defaults Albany: 6 foreclosures, 17 defaults Berkeley: 33 [...]

Tasty Pumpkin Curry

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Oh boy, the BEST pumpkin curry can be found at Bua Luang on Solano Ave. in Albany. It is fresh, tasty, and there is a generous amount of pumpkin. And their fried sweet potatoes? Oh man, you gotta try them. Perfect place to eat lunch after a long morning of touring homes.

Catch me on Forum- NPR Radio

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On January 25th I was part of a panel on KQED’s Forum. “In light of ongoing housing woes and with real estate sites popping up daily on the internet, we look at the evolving role of the realtor.” Host: Dave Iverson Guests: Enrico Moretti, associate professor of economics at UC Berkeley and co-author of “Can Free Entry Be Inefficient? Fixed [...]