It is what it is but it isn’t…

Eat a cracker or a rock?

I love Mary’s Gone Crackers, but I am not sure that this is the best use of their marketing dollars.  Comparing these crackers to a rock?  Who would want to eat a rock?

These crackers are crunchy, earthy, and healthy, and they go great with hummus.  But if I hadn’t already tried them, this ad, posted on the side of a truck, would NOT inspire me to eat them.

When marketing a home it is important that you really identify the features of the home so that they appear desirable and interesting to prospective buyers.  You do whatever you can to draw the buyers into the door with the hopes that they will swoon and fall in love.

My clients are always commenting on the pictures they see online: “How come the house never looks like the pictures?!?”  I always say “It got you to the house, didn’t it?”  If you notice that the rugs, which usually have 4 90-degree angles, are curved, then you know the room will appear bigger  in pictures than it really is.  It is what it is but it isn’t.  Sort of like that rock.

I showed a property over the weekend that was described as “A Gardener’s Dream Yard.”  The yard was large, level, had bay views, and completely full of weeds.  Huh?  A dream indeed.  If you like weeding, I guess.  It is what it is but it isn’t.

Another house, listed by a very well-known agent, was described as “Re-done from top to bottom.”  My clients and I took a look at it, and the disclosures.  Re-done in the front part of the house, but did you see the back half that was falling down?  It is what it is but it isn’t.

Now I understand that Mary’s Crackers was trying to imply that they are all natural, no wheat, no preservatives…as natural as a rock.  But really, they couldn’t come up with something better?  I guess it is what it is but it isn’t.