Do you own a meat slicer?

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It isn’t everyday that I am out on tour and I see something unusual, something that completely catches me off guard.  We were in Oakland, looking at a duplex.  I walk into the small kitchen, with very little room to move.  Yet directly on top of the teeny tiny countertop was a ginormous meat mandolin.  Yes, this is someone who [...]

Use that Extra Hour Wisely

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For many the term “Fall Back” means an extra hour of sleep.  For those who have young kids it means “now you wake up an hour earlier,” which is exactly what happened.  Today is day 3 of no more daylight savings and while my kids have caught on to the time change my cat has not.  So now I am [...]

A real dictionary?

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You won’t believe but I found a real dictionary.  Yes, an actual, turn-the-pages, paper dictionary…on a stand!  This dictionary was spotted at a home on Ardmore St. in Kensington.