Triple Bunk bed!

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Maybe you have three kids? And maybe you need to put all three kids in one room?  Or maybe you have two kids but need extra storage and a reading nook.  Whatever the situation, this triple bunk bed could be a really interesting solution.   I know, I know… one of the top bunks doesn’t have a rail but you [...]

Krista’s Top 10 Forecast for 2014

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What is in store for real estate in 2014? 1)  Last year was an amazing rebound year, with many areas seeing 20% – 30% appreciation.  California Association of Realtors believes that statewide we will see a 6% appreciation over the next year.  Locally I believe that we will see a little higher than that, possibly in the low double digits [...]

Ingenious Water Heater Covers

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Living in a house with an exposed water heater?  Don’t know how to cover it up?  Check out these amazing solutions to covering that water heater while maintaing a cute and functional kitchen space.  Krista and I were on tour last week in Berkeley and saw these ingenious solutions to exposed water heaters!  I loved both these ideas because they [...]

Housing Kiosk’s

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  Do you remember “Redbox,” where you could rent DVD’s from a kiosk?  Enter the world of food kiosks.  And not just the vending machine, latte making type.  We are talking actual warm food.  Just outside of a gas station in downtown Los Angeles you will find the new “Burrito Box” kiosk.  The ad says “they are 100% natural, no [...]