What does your sink say about you?

Have you ever pondered what your sink says about you? Have you ever walked up to a sink and thought – “Wow, this sink speaks to me?” Is it the shape? Is it the color? Is it nostalgic?  Going out on tour we get to see so many different types of sinks. And let me tell you…sinks make you think! Are you the small, skinny type of sink?   Or do you prefer to have a double sink?  Or are you fortunate to have one of the sinks from the pink bathroom era? With so many different styles of sink you have a great opportunity to really make your house stand out!  Here are just a few of the sinks we get to see!    15521896978_7f8a704e04_o-215522109867_1d25b2b636_z15522105447_8f2ed8c791_z.  15522461200_b2f788f715_z