Out of Area Sellers

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Did you know that you don’t have to be here to sell here?  With the age of the internet and technology it is easier than ever to sell your home from afar.  Sometimes I never even meet the seller face-to-face. Texting, email, e-signatures, and skype have all made it so easy to communicate that it isn’t necessary to be here. [...]

What is this Crazy Market Going to Do?!?!?

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Struggling to buy in today’s market, buyers, new and experienced alike are beginning to ask really big questions about jumping into such a competitive market knowing that they will most likely be “house rich but cash poor”, that they may not be able to afford the taxes the first few years and eat ramen to make ends meet. One client, [...]

Rethinking Your Stairs

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Stairs.  One of a flight or series of steps for going from one level to another, as in a building.  A collective of steps.  A series or flight of steps. Many homes in our area feature gorgeous, wooden stairs, complete with wooden balusters and handrails.  Many feature large, stately posts while others are lined in classic wainscoting.  Some are wood, some are not, [...]