Sean O’toole’s California Forecast for 2013

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Interesting article from www.foreclosuretruth.com http://www.foreclosuretruth.com/blog/sean/california-forecast-for-2013-more-of-the-same-save-the-black-swan/#comments I actually agree with most of this article, with my key thoughts being: In our neck of the woods trustee sale investors (think large suitcases full of cash on the courthouse steps) are seeing more competition but still finding amazing deals.  Most are not banking on large ROI’s anymore, just looking to make a few [...]

Bidding On Probate Sale Overbids

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Ok, so you put in an offer on a probate sale, along with another buyer, but you didn’t get the house.  The other offer is now headed to court for overbid and confirmation.  You still want the house.  Can you get it? Know these facts: 1) Be sure a Notice of Sale was published by the Executor, the contents of which, [...]