Heritage Turkey’s? Find the history of your home.

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Have you heard of a Heritage Turkey*? Heritage Turkeys are raised free-range on pasture and forage, they develop much stronger legs, thighs, and breasts than industrially-produced turkeys, which have mostly breast meat. The resulting meat from these Heritage birds is very firm and dark in color, as well as being succulent, rich and flavorful. They also come with a sort [...]

America’s Safest Cities

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SIX CALIFORNIA CITIES LISTED AMONG AMERICA’S 25 SAFEST Six cities in the state of California — more than any other state — are among the top 25 safest cities in America, according to the 13th annual Safest City Award. California’s “safest” cities are Mission Viejo (#3), Irvine (#7), Thousand Oaks (#11), Lake Forest (#15), Simi Valley (#17), and Chino Hills [...]

Does that drip keep you up at night?

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The past decade has proven an increasing demand for water in our homes, industry, and agriculture, resulting in water shortages in many parts of the United States. In certain parts of Texas homeowners can only water their lawn on Thursday’s between 5pm and 10pm. One can only assume that this upward trend will continue and this, together with the effects [...]